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  Room Plaza San Gabriel

This room is wide and brightful. It has a single bed and a (really) big wardrobe.


  Apartment Santa Cruz 2º

A nice and ample apartment in the city centre. It is very close to historical landmarks and points of interest.

The bedroom contains two single beds, a wardrobe, a litle auxiliary desk and ...


Welcome to Roommmates Sevilla

Roommates Sevilla was established as a company in 1998. After studying abroad in Holland and working in the USA, I realized how difficult it can be to find adequate housing when you arrive in a new city, and even more so when you are not fluent or confident in the language that is spoken there. I then asked myself why there was not a service set up to help you find housing and accommodation in Seville, similar to ones that exist in other big cities like Amsterdam, New York City, London, Paris, Berlin, and Rome.

In these cities, many people utilize the system of "Roommates". "Roommates" is a system in which you rent rooms in an effort to make things easier and more flexible when you arrive in a new city and, also, to reduce living costs, not just by spending less to rent a room instead of an apartment but also by sharing and reducing the costs of electricity, water, gas, and internet. It also gives you the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

The practice of renting rooms in shared flats was not very common in Spain at the time. Most people only rented apartments or flats with people who they already knew. So I truly believed that this system would work well in Seville, where the size of the international community is continually growing and the means to travel between different cities in Spain for a job or for an education is constantly increasing.

This was the basis for Roommates Sevilla, which has grown into a company that now rents out apartments and flats for long periods of time as well short periods of time, such as weeks and days. We also offer accommodations with families, Spanish courses, flamenco courses, excursions, and activities in sports, leisure, and culture.

With all of this in mind, we believe that Roommates Sevilla offers housing and so much more.

Helps you to find accomodation that suits you!!